Bet and Lay Strategies with Spreadsheet Staking Plans

Staking Plans help us to place a series of Bets, a series of Lays, or both in an organised manner.
Control is what staking plans are all about. We may want to protect our betting bank by controlling losses, or perhaps stake a progression of changing stake sizes so that we can hit a target of profit. Hit that target, and the next stake in our sequence can either start again from scratch to repeat the process, or perhaps restart, but with a slightly increased or decreased starting point for the new sequence of stakes.

A staking plan can be used to recover losses in a controlled progressive manner, by spreading debt to be recovered over a series of bets or lays, or a very aggressive staking plan may simply show the stake required to recover all previous losses in one go with the next stake.
Almost anything can be built into a staking plan, but there are of course some that have made a name for themselves, such as Bet A Percentage Of Bank, which is quite popular as it implies that it is impossible to run out of money using that method.
If we continually lose, and lose, a betting bank gets a little bit smaller each time by slowly decreasing bet amounts.
Win, and win, and the bank increases each time by increasing bet amounts.

A bonus of using a staking plan in a spreadsheet is that the spreadsheet shouldn’t make any mistakes when working out our next stake, and a spreadsheet also keeps a record for us of all our previous transactions.
We can see very easily, what is working for us, and what isn’t.

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