Percentage of Bank Staking Plan




2 spreadsheet staking plans :- One for Betting and another for Laying.
Staking a percentage of your bank is a very well known method of staking.
Winning bets will increase the stake size, whilst losers will decrease the stakes.
As we continually stake a percentage of our bank, we should never run the risk of losing all of our bank if we have a losing streak.
A series of winners will see our bank grow.

A problem with this method is that we may be limited to one bet at a time, since we need to change our stake size as we hit winners and losers.
The spreadsheets available here get around that problem by allowing us to bet several events using the same stake if we choose, or we can let the spreadsheet update the stake after each individual stake.
That facility allows us to bet several events that take place at the same time, for example several football matches that all kick off around the same time, or if we are at work, we can bet several events at the same level of staking and then update the staking when those results are known.

Want to bet several runners in the same race to Dutch a market. . . . . . No problem.
A spreadsheet is provided to show the Coupled Odds of your Dutched runners so that a single entry can be made into the Percentage of Bank sheet.
Enter the odds of your runners into the “Combined Odds” spreadsheet and the spreadsheet shows those odds coupled.
Use those coupled odds for your entry in the Percentage of Bank sheet as a single entry and the your staking plan can continue as if you had bet a single runner.

A graph is provided to show the profit and loss progress of our trades.
Enter your starting bank and the percentage of your bank for each bet of your staking plan.
As the odds of runners are entered, the spreadsheet shows the stake required.
Enter the date and the spreadsheet will update after every event.
Leave the date column blank and the spreadsheet keeps the same stake until the next date is entered.
Once the date is entered, the spreadsheet updates the results and shows an updated stake when the odds of the next runner are entered into the spreadsheet.

The video below describes a single Excel spreadsheet file that includes both bet and lay staking plans.