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Innovative staking solutions for the casual or more serious punter.
Bet, lay, or bet & lay  trading.  Multiples, staking plans and free on-line calculators.
Strategies for football and horse racing, mostly with video descriptions.

My interest in horse racing came from my father who was very good at reading form to select his winners.

Unfortunately, I didn’t inherit his skills and hit more than my share of losers, but for as long as I can remember, I’ve always been very interested in graphs, and statistics.

The first real success that I had when betting on anything came from a study that I made of Draw Advantages at all UK racecourses.

Unbelievably, I found that over 50% of 5F non-2yr old races at Epsom were being won by just 3 horses, and at Doncaster in 5F non-2yr old races races, even more amazingly, just 2 horses were wining nearly 50% of races.

After my findings were published, Epsom racecourse stopped placing the starting stalls next to the “Low” rail in 5f races, and Doncaster dug up parts of the course to lay new drains.

Published articles here and here describe the Draw Advantages that I came up with. View some old but very accurate Draw Advantage advice, including Epsom 5F.

I had very little success trying to sell that information, but years later, I discovered Excel.
Betfair had been up and running for a few years by that time.

Trading Articles

My first attempt at Matched Betting was on George Washington, the winner of the 2000 Gns, in 2006. Shortly after that, I launched two spreadsheets on E-Bay, one for Hedging and another Dutching.

All my spreadsheets use basic schoolboy maths, with no Macros. I suppose that what you see here is the result of a chap who just enjoys messing about with a load of numbers.

Thank you very much for your interest in what I have to offer, and good luck with your betting and laying.

Howard Hutchinson, aged 77.
1946 to 2024, and counting.


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