Bet to Increase Bank by a Set Percentage Staking Plan




The theory behind this betting method is compound interest.
We all know how Compound Interest can mount up, so why not use that for a few favourable results if we get a bit lucky and hit some winning bets ?
Compound interest adds interest on top of interest :-
£!00 plus 10% = 100 + 10 = £110.
£110 plus 10% = 110+ 11 = £121.
£121 plus 10% = 121 + 12.10 = £133.10.

Compound interest of 10% above adds interest on top of interest already earned.
If we were placing bets to copy that, our betting bank would be the figure on the left each time, £100, £110, and £121,and we would be betting to win a profit of 10% of that which would be £10, £11, and £12.10.
If we could hit 3 winners and win 10% of our betting bank each time, our betting bank would grow from £100 to £133.10 in 3 bets, if we ignore commission of course.

This staking method involves betting to win a profit target with each bet, that is equivalent to a set percentage of our betting bank.
If we can hit a series of results that pay better than level stakes, our winnings should gradually grow as our betting bank gets bigger and our profit target increases.
The theory is that if we are able to hit plenty of winners with our bets, our betting bank will increase each time, with those profits compounded by the added percentage of previous winners.
Losing bets would slow that process down of course.