Both Sides Staking Plan




Bet and lay the same runner To a Profit Target using only a single stake.
3 staking plans in a single spreadsheet

This is how the individual staking plans work in the Both Sides spreadsheet :-

  • Bet to a profit target – Bet until we hit a winner and achieve our desired profit.
    Each bet stake aims to recover any lost stakes from hitting losers, and show a profit when we hit a winner.

  • Lay to a profit target – Lay until we hit a loser and achieve our desired profit.
    Each lay stake aims to recover liabilities from hitting winners, and show a profit when we hit a loser.

  • Combine those 2 staking plans so that we can bet and lay the same runner using just a single stake.
    For our “Both Sides” stakes, we simply take one stake from the other and stake the difference.
    That will be either a single bet or lay, depending on which is biggest.

  • We could of course place a bet and a lay to match the 2 individual staking plans.
    Combine the 2 stakes and a single stake does exactly the same. . . . .a bet and lay of Both Sides of the trade.
    The spreadsheet below, shows the staking for doing that.

As we trade a series of events using our “Both Sides” single stakes, our 2 staking plans combined, hit either a winning bet or a successful lay every time.
Therefore, one staking plan or the other will show a profit in every event that we trade, horse races, football matches, or anything else.

Over a series of bets and lays that is reflected in the Both Sides staking plan as we hit winners and losers.
We can therefore in theory, profit from every race, football match etc that we trade.
That is the theory, and in the long term, that is what can happen in practice when using cash.
We will have either hit a winner with a theoretical winning bet, or we will have hit a loser with a theoretical successful lay.
The word “Theoretical” is used here, as our bets won’t always hit a winner and our lays won’t always hit a loser of course, but in the long term, that is what the “Both Sides” staking plan will be doing.

Note that, these 2 staking plans are basically “Chase Your Losses” staking plans.
Staking to chase losses can be a very dangerous strategy.
It is therefore recommended that using very small stakes may be best as liabilities can escalate very quickly if we hit a series of winners or losers.

That is especially true of the lay side of these trades if we hit winners.
Disclaimer.   The owner of this web site cannot be held responsible for losses incurred by third parties.
It is entirely up to the individual to trade sensibly.
Never bet or lay with money that you cannot afford to lose.

The video below describes a single spreadsheet that includes all 3 staking plans.
Use the Bet or Lay staking plans individually, or combine them for the “Both Sides” staking plan.