One Point Staking Plan – BET




This is staking method can be applied to betting or laying – both are available on this website.

Set a Basic Stake, your “One Point”, in your spreadsheet.
Whilst there is no loss from the current stakes, the stake will be one basic stake.
Hit a loss, and stakes increase by one basic stake until the loss is recovered.
Once the debt is recovered, the staking starts a new sequence with a single basic stake.
That is all there is to it.

The result of this staking method is that a profit of One Point is made (before commission deductions) for each bet or lay that we place. Even with commission deductions, profit will be close to One Point of profit per bet or lay.
Your “One Point” can be reset at any time in the spreadsheet to any new level.

The example below shows the laying version of this spreadsheet.
The basic stake is set to £2 at cell L4, and can be reset in that column lower down if required.
In the Results column D, we input a zero for hitting a loser or a one for hitting a winner.
In column D, results hit 7 losers before hitting 2 winners at rows 12 & 13.

Column N shows the size of the Next Stake for the row below – – – the Next Trade.
After hitting losing trades, stakes in cells E13 & E14 increase by the £2 profit target per trade that is set at cell L4.
Column M shows the amount needed to be won to clear losses and win the profit of £2 per race set at cell L4.
Note that the total lays in this sheet were 201, with 66 of those hitting a winner. . . . shown at D1 & D2, for a strike rate of 32.84% of winners.

Here we see only the first 13 of those lays, to demonstrate the completion of the first few lays.
A loss recovery progression completes at row 16 with a £10 lay in column E.

Results start favourably, with the first 7 lays hitting 7 consecutive losers.
Profit after commission is £13.30 at cell J11.
The lays hit 2 winners at rows 12 & 13, for a loss of -£3.12 and -£10.40 at cells H12 & H13.
The lay stake increases by one point after hitting that first winner at row 12.
This laying sequence now needs to win £17.52 at cell M13 to win back the -£13.52 loss plus One Point of profit from each of those 2 trades in the sequence so far of 2 x £2 (set at cell L4).

The 3 consecutive losers at rows 14, 15, & 16 clear off the debt in column M at cell M16, so the staking starts a new sequence with a £2 stake at E17 on row 17.
Profit at cell J16 is £22.58 after 5% commission, from 12 races. . . . . almost £2 per race after commission in this example.

The spreadsheets available here have a facility for resetting the basic stake at any time in column L.
If we have good profit, we may decide to increase our basic stake to boost profits further in coming trades.

At the bottom left of the video screen below, click the right arrow to skip from one video to the next :-

  • Video 1 describes the One Point LAY staking plan.

  • Video 2 describes the One Point BET staking plan.