Profit Target and Loss Recovery




If we make a loss, we could bet with the aim of recovering that loss over a series of winning bets.
The spreadsheet below shows the staking for doing that, including commission deductions.

The spreadsheet can be set to recover your loss over any set number of winners.
Also, if your loss increases during your Loss Recovery, the staking can be reset to cover a change in your loss.
This method uses a “Bet to a Profit Target” spreadsheet to show the stakes required.
The Bet to a Profit Target staking can be used as a staking plan, with the loss recovery, or set up with a loss in the first row of the spreadsheet, so that it can be used just to recover a loss.

When betting to recover a loss, we may hit more losers whilst we are doing that.
If the spreadsheet is set to recover a loss over say, 4 winning bets, that is what it will do if the next 4 bets are all winners.
If we hit more losers during the loss recovery staking, the original loss and any subsequent losses will be recovered, but it will take more races.
Once the loss is recovered, the sheet carries on aiming for the last profit target that was set in the sheet.

The videos below demonstrate the spreadsheet.
All that is required to recover a loss over any set number of winning bets, is a reset of the target amount that we would like to win.
Input a number of winners, and the spreadsheet shows the target stake required to recover your loss if you hit that number of winners with your next few bets.

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  • Video 1 describes how the spreadsheet works and the Loss Recovery staking.
    The Loss Recovery spreadsheet in this video uses quite a few columns so it is best viewed in a Full Screen.
    For a BIGGER VIEW of this video, click the small icon bottom right of the YouTube screen with 4 square corners.

  • Video 2 describes how Combined Odds and Dutching can be used to get a single odds input for use in a staking plan or any other spreadsheet.

A “Combined Odds” spreadsheet is also included in this file.
The Loss Recovery spreadsheet requires a single set of odds for each row.
If you bet by Dutching your runners, a single set of odds can be used in the Loss Recovery spreadsheet by combining all the odds of your runners.

Enter the odds of your Dutched runners into the Combined Odds sheet and the Combined Odds of your runners is displayed.
Use the Combined Odds in the Loss Recovery sheet as a single entry, to see the stake required to Dutch your runners to the Profit Target.
Another name for Combined Odds, is Coupled Odds.