Bet First, Lay Second – Dutch & Hedge 2 Betfair Markets




This spreadsheet also has a Lay First, Bet Second version.

If we bet and lay in 2 related markets, Betfair is unable to show our whole market position across both markets.
Betfair cannot show losses or gains in 2 markets combined, so will only show our market position in the 2 individual markets.

The football “Dutch and Hedge” spreadsheets below overcomes that problem by showing our total market position across 2 markets, including commission deductions.

The Dutch and Hedge spreadsheet below was designed for use in football markets but can be used for trading across 2 related markets in any sport.

Trading related markets in Betfair.

  • Losses may not be deducted before commission.
    When we trade across 2 or more markets in Betfair, we may think that we see a profit from our total trade, but commission deductions can put our whole trade into the red.
    That may not be obvious whilst we are trading.
    As you know, losses in one market are not deducted before commission is deducted in a 2nd winning market, so trading across 2 markets rather than in one can be expensive
  • Don’t trade the same thing twice.
    If you trade across 2 or more related markets, it is very important that you don’t trade the same thing twice.
    The Scores 0-0, 1-0, 0-1 are the same as Under 1.5 Goals.
    It would be a mistake to lay those scores and also lay Under 1.5 Goals.
    If you make a mistake and Lay the same thing but in different markets, you could have payout on the same result twice instead of once.
    If you bet on the same thing and don’t hit a winner, you will have more losing bets than expected.
    It is very important that you are sure of the relationships between Betfair markets.
    Betfair provides a wide range of markets for the same event, especially for football matches.
    Many of these markets may be related in that you could bet in one market and lay the same thing in another, or bet in both, or lay in both.
    Watch an Equivalent markets video
  • There’s only one winner.
    As a shortcut, these related markets can save us time whilst trading and help to keep things simple.
    Unfortunately, these “Betfair shortcut markets” are of most benefit to Betfair.
    If we trade in a single market, losses are deducted from winnings before commission is paid.
    If we trade 2 related markets, losses in one market are not deducted from winnings in a 2nd market, so commission will be paid on total winnings in one market rather than total profit of the whole trade.
    Also, if we have a big loss in one market but smaller winnings in a 2nd market for an overall loss, we will still pay commission on the total of the winnings profit that we have in our 2nd market.
    If the whole trade was all in the same market, there would be zero commission to pay on a losing trade.

You are probably already aware of those points above.
The extra commission payments and losses not being deducted before commission don’t do us any favours, but will be big winners for Betfair when they collect their commission.
We all trade across 2 related markets at some point, but it can be expensive.
Keeping track of our whole trade across 2 markets and getting the staking right is not easy.

This spreadsheet was designed specifically to trade Betfair’s Correct Score market with other related markets such as Match Odds, Under/Over Goals, etc.

Dutching your trade with balanced staking, may be far easier to work with than simply guessing the size of stakes “In Play” during the heat of battle when the pressure is on.

Spreadsheet feature :-
These spreadsheets are split into 2 sections.
These individual sections can be used to Dutch and Hedge a single market or 2 markets combined.
Dutching stakes are balanced and across both markets for an equal profit or loss before commission deductions.
Hedge an individual selection and the spreadsheet shows the stake required to trade that single selection for an equal profit or loss.

Note that
due to Excel calculations working to several decimal places, returns may differ very slightly from what is shown on your Betfair screen.
Depending on stake sizes, there should normally only be a few pence difference between the spreadsheet and Betfair

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The videos below demonstrate the Dutching part of this spreadsheets.

Video 1 demonstrates the spreadsheet inputs and how it works using the Bet First spreadsheet.
Video 2 demonstrates the Lay First spreadsheet.
Spreadsheet inputs for this sheet are as demonstrated in video No. 1.
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Video 3. Bet in Correct score using an insurance bet to cover a 0-0 result.

Video 4. Lay in Under 2.5 Goals in Correct Score using insurance against a 0-0 result.