One or Two Losers




1 Loser Strategy.  In a horse race, Bookies may Lay only a few runners, and have very small liabilities or no liabilities at all on the outsiders.

If an outsider wins the race, they clean up with very little payout, or no payout at all.

Another strategy is to Lay several runners but make only one targeted runner a loser.
When you use this strategy, you are not Laying the whole field, but just a few selections.

This is not the same as Laying a single selection in the hope that it loses.
Using this strategy you can Lay several scores in the Correct Score market, or several players in the First Goal Scorer market, and win on every Lay except your FIRST Lay.
If you were Laying the Correct Score Market :-

  • The only way these Lays can lose is if you happen to pick the winning score line with your FIRST Lay.

  • Lay as many score lines as you like.
    The more you Lay, the bigger your profit.

  • Additionally, as with all other Laying strategies that involve more than one Lay, every Lay you make reduces your liabilities.

  • In this case your only liability will be on your First Lay.

  • As you make more Lays, that liability is reduced, and the profit on every other Lay increases.

  • If the match ends with a score that you have not Layed, you will have no payout whatsoever.
    You clean up, winning the total £££ of all your Lays.

  • Remember, your only losing Lay will be on the FIRST score line that you Lay.  You will win on all the others.

It is exactly the same if you Lay players in the First Goal Scorer Market :-

  • You can target any player on the list not to score first.

  • Lay that player, and Lay some others players that you think will not score first.

  • These other Lays will reduce your liabilities on your targeted player.

  • Your only losing Lay will be on the FIRST player that you Lay.  You will win on all the others.

You could also use this spreadsheet to Lay a number of horses in a horse race, golfers in a golf tournament, darts players in a darts competition etc.

Basic Strategy.  In the Correct score market, (or any other market of your choice – horses, golf, tennis tournament etc.) :-

  • Before the kick – off, decide which score line you will target to lose.
    You will be reducing your liabilities on that selection by laying other scores.

  • Lay that score line, and a few others.

There are normally 17 score lines including “Any Other Score” that we can Lay.
We could Lay 4 score lines (for example), but only one will make a loss for us.

We Lay our First score line, which could be any one of the 17.
Then we Lay a 2nd score line, a 3rd, and a 4th.
We could carry on laying more score lines if we wish.
These 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Lays reduce our liabilities on our First Lay, just as any normal series of Lays would do, but if we stake correctly :-

  • If the winner does NOT come from the 4 scores that we have layed, we have 4 successful lays, and we clean up, with no payout.

  • If the winner comes from score lines 2, 3, or 4, we make a profit.

  • If our First score line wins, we make a loss, but our liabilities have been reduced by the successful lays on score lines 2, 3 and 4.

2 Losers Strategy.
This strategy can be used to lay 2 (or more) score lines to lose (or First Goal Scorers, horses etc.)
Once again, we do not Lay the whole field, but a few score lines..
The procedure is exactly the same, but this time, 2 score lines are targeted to lose.

Liabilities on score lines 1 and 2 will be reduced by the additional Lays on score lines 3 upwards.
This strategy of targeting 2 score lines, has 2 advantages, but one obvious drawback :-

  • A large slice of liability is reduced on score line 1 by the stake on score line 2.

  • A large slice of liability is reduced on score line 2 by the stake on score line 1.
    This strategy is particularly effective if score lines 1 and 2 are at short odds.

  • The downside is that we have 2 score lines running against us instead of 1.