See your Whole Trade in a Correct Score Format




Trade up to 6 different markets and see the profit & loss of your whole trade displayed beside each Correct Score.
See it all as if you had done everything in Correct Score.
Work out and test new strategies without using cash.
Follow and work out what is happening in video trades.
Track the progress of your own trades ……… See it all in a Correct Score format.
This Excel file will also work using Libra Office, or Open Office.

Set up any markets in the spreadsheet that involve score lines in the Correct Score market ……..0-0, 0-1, 0-2, 0-3, 1-0, 1-1, 1-2, etc.
For example, Match Odds, Under/Over, BTTS, Win to Nil, etc. and of course, Correct Score.
As you trade, use the spreadsheet to see your whole trade in a Correct Score format, with profit & loss shown against each of the scores, including commission deductions.

This spreadsheet can also be used to test new strategies without the need to place any bets or lays.
A 2nd spreadsheet in this file is provided for following video trades.
Pick the brains of video traders…….. Work out what they do.
You may be able to improve on what you see in a trading video.

These spreadsheets can be used to track your own trades or work out and test new strategies including commission deductions across all your markets..
See what liabilities would be involved, and what the problems might be before you “Live trade” your new strategy.

Copyright notice. In the 2 videos below, Betfair content shown is for demonstration purposes only, and is presented with the kind permission of The Sporting Exchange Limited. © The Sporting Exchange Limited.

Video 1. Bet and Lay up to 6 Markets spreadsheet. Uses odds and stakes inputs – See how it works and what it can do.
Input matched odds and stakes to see your whole current position.
Input un-matched odds and stakes for a “What if ?” view of the effect of that against all scores.

Video 2. Follow a Video Trade, or use this spreadsheet to track your own live trade.
Spreadsheet inputs are Profit & Loss only. Odds and Stakes are not used in this 2nd spreadsheet.
Copy profit & loss that you see in Exchange screens or in trading software into the spreadsheet, and update the P & L as the trade progresses.
The very well known Lay The Draw strategy (LTD) is used to demonstrate the spreadsheet.