Dutch and Hedge 2 Markets




Place ANY NUMBER OF BETS in your Correct Score trades, and use an Excel spreadsheet to see your overall position
across 2 markets including commission deductions.

There is also a 3 Markets spreadsheet available.

The 2 Markets spreadsheet available here shows :-

  • The staking required to Dutch and hedge 2 markets using the balanced staking of Dutching,
  • Alternatively, use it to Bet and Lay your trade using any stake sizes of your choice . . . . Do It Yourself . . . . . “Ad-lib” your staking
  • or use the sheet to combine both . . . . . . . Dutching stakes and your “Ad-lib” stakes.

The spreadsheet below shows the effect of commission deductions across 2 Betfair markets, to show the overall position of your trade.
Any number of bets can be entered into the spreadsheet for any selection.
After entering bets, enter lay odds, and the spreadsheet shows the lay stake required to Hedge any particular bets for an equal profit or loss – – – – – a “Green Up” facility.

This sheet can accommodate any number of bets.
Input odds and stakes info for your bets, and the sheet combines those to show combined bet odds.
We can now see what odds we need to lay at for a successful bet and lay Hedge of any score, or anything else we have bet such as
Under / Over Goals, etc. in another market.
If you have seen my other spreadsheets further down this web page for single Dutched stakes and laying to equalize, you will see that this new sheet uses the same layout.

The spreadsheet is set up to cover the Correct Score market, and up to 8 selections in a 2nd market.
It could be used for “Paper trade” practice purposes, or to help with staking of live trades.

This “Several Bets” spreadsheet is an expanded version of the Bet First, Lay 2nd spreadsheet.