Lay First, Bet Second – Dutch & Hedge 2 Betfair Markets




This spreadsheet also has a Bet First, Lay Second version, which contains more information on how this concept works.

Use this spreadsheet to show the stakes required to lay several selections for an equal profit or loss in one or 2 Betfair markets.
Then, if you choose, as the odds change, bet to equalize individual selections for an equal profit or loss on those selections.
After laying, enter bet odds into the sheet for any of those individual lays and the sheet shows the bet stake required to equalize that individual selection for an equal profit or loss.

Our position is shown in the 2 single markets, and also across the 2 markets combined.
Commission deductions are built into the spreadsheet.

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The videos below demonstrate the Dutching part of this spreadsheets.

Video 1 demonstrates the spreadsheet inputs and how it works using the Bet First spreadsheet.
Video 2 demonstrates the Lay First spreadsheet.
Spreadsheet inputs for this sheet are as demonstrated in video No. 1.
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Video 3. Bet in Correct score using an insurance bet to cover a 0-0 result.

Video 4. Lay in Under 2.5 Goals in Correct Score using insurance against a 0-0 result.