Trade Bookies Free Bets for Guaranteed Winnings




This is a Hedge strategy.
Trade a Bookie Deposit and Free Bet correctly, and you can guarantee excellent profits on EVERY trade, thanks to the concept of Matched Betting.
It doesn’t matter if you hit all winners, all losers, or something in between.
Also, it doesn’t matter if your Bet odds are bigger or smaller than your Lay odds
Stake correctly, and you will win EVERY time.

The spreadsheet package offered here is the one I have used very extensively and covers different types
of bookie offers :-

Free money such as the Betfair offer.

  • Bet a deposit, free bet stake IS returned with winnings.
  • Bet a deposit, free bet stake is NOT returned with winnings.
  • Bet a deposit, get a percentage added to your winnings, for example treble your winnings.
  • Bet a deposit, get your bet stake refunded if you hit a loser – – a “Lose Only” refund.
  • Stake offers such as these correctly, and you are betting on a mathematical certainty.

Stake correctly, and you cannot lose.
You will have risk free guaranteed winnings every time.

What profit to expect.
Ask any Betfair trader, and he would be very, very satisfied with a net percentage profit on a normal trade
of 5% to 10%, and if he is honest, he would expect to have losing trades.
When you Trade bookies free bets, you should aim for an 80% profit on your initial deposit from the whole trade, deposit and free bet combined..
Some trades will pay less than 80% of your deposit, but a few may pay more.

Example. JenningsBet July 2008. Bet £30, get £30 free. My Free bet stake was not returned with winnings.

  • Trade £30 deposit.
    JenningsBet. Bet £30 at Bet odds 2.87, Lay £30.64 at Betfair odds 2.86 for a small net loss -£0.89
  • Trade Free Bet
    JenningsBet Free Bet £30 at odds 15.0, Lay £27.18 at Betfair odds 15.5. Net profit = £25.82
  • Both deposit and free bet selections lost.
    Net profit = Successful Lay of Net £25.82, Less -£0.89 = + £24.93 Net Profit.

That is 83.1% net profit on the initial £30 deposit from the 2 trades combined – the equivalent of a winner at odds of almost 5/6, with no risk.
Note that if both selections had won, or if there had been one winner and one loser, the net profit would have been almost the same..
The spreadsheet shows the stakes required to equalize your trades whether your selections win or lose – including commission on the Lay side of your trades.
Note also that in the 2nd part of the trade, the Bet odds of 15.0 were lower than the Lay odds of 15.5.

Compared to any normal trade, over 60% net profit ON EVERY TRADE is an absolutely fantastic return.

Here are the maths of my JenningsBet example above showing how my trades were equalized.
Do not be put off by the large liabilities shown below.
I have regularly layed to very large chunks of my Betfair bank, knowing that my overall trade would show a good profit.
It made very little difference whether my JenningsBet selections won or lost :-

Mostly, bookies offer to match your initial deposit with a free bet of the same value.
Usually, the free bet stake is not included with winnings.
Do not look on that as a negative.
It is perfectly normal for a bookie not to return the free bet stake with winnings.
It will not adversely affect your profits.
Mostly, I aim for 80% profit on a free bet before commission.
That is a gross profit of £20 on a free £25 bet, £40 on a free £50, or £80 on a free £100.
I don’t always achieve that, but when I do, it’s very satisfying.

Stake correctly, and you should NEVER HAVE A LOSING TRADE that involves a bookie deposit and free bet.
You can easily achieve what is described here.

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  1. Video 1 demonstrates inputs and how the spreadsheet works.
  2. An example of a Free Bet trade, betting with the bookie and laying on Betfair.
  3. How to save a bit of commission on these trades.
  4. Lay liabilities and exit strategies

If you have just a few bookie accounts at present, this is an excellent way of boosting your betting bank.
Don’t forget, these trades carry virtually NO RISK.