How to Trade Various Bookie Accumulator Refunds and Bonus Offers. . . . . . Zero risk or some risk




Typical bookie offer :-
As usual, this type of bookie refund may involve a qualifying bet or bets.
Just as with the bookie offers that we are used to seeing that involve betting and laying a single runner, bookie accumulator offers come in several different forms :-

Place a bet or several bets, get a free accumulator bet.

Bet an accumulator and get a free bet.

Bet an accumulator and get a free accumulator bet.

Bet a winning accumulator and the bookie will add a percentage to our winnings.
I wouldn’t attempt to profit from a low percentage bonus such as 10% or 20% when trading accumulators.
50% or 100% added winnings will be ok.

Bet an accumulator and get a refund if our accumulator is a loser.
This last one may be described by your bookie as a “No Lose” offer.

Strategy :-
Bet the qualifying bet or bets with the bookie and lay the other end of those in Betfair or Betdaq,
OR bet and lay the qualifying accumulator bet.
Then bet and lay the free bet or the free accumulator to profit.
If the offer is Added Winnings or is a “No Lose” offer, no qualifying bet is involved, so we can go ahead and bet and lay the accumulator to profit that includes the bonus, cash refund, or or a free bet whatever the results of the events in our accumulator.

As with normal free bet offers for single runners, we can trade accumulator offers to profit.
The only difference is that we are dealing with more runners.
Note that I do not have a strategy for laying “One Leg Lets You Down” bookie refund offers.
You will need your own ideas to lay those to guaranteed profit.
I don’t have an answer for those.

Process for betting and laying accumulators.
Select runners or football teams with time between each so that we know the result of one selection before we lay the next.
Bet the accumulator with the bookie, lay each runner in Betfair or Betdaq.
Lay each runner in turn, adjusting our lay stake a little if our lay odds change between events.
Hit a loser and that is end of trade. . . . . we have a losing bet but a successful lay.
Hit a winner and we need to lay again.
Our 2nd lay stake recovers the lay liabilities from hitting that first winner, to exit our trade if we hit a loser with our 2nd runner. . . . . . and so it goes on.

We either hit a loser at some point to exit our trade, or we hit all winners.
If we hit all winners with our accumulator, lay liabilities may be bigger or smaller than bet winnings, depending on the type of bookie accumulator offer that we are trading.
Either way, stake correctly and we can trade to profit with zero risk unless the bookie offer forces us to select events that all take place at the same time. . . . . see below.
Commission is built into the spreadsheet calculations.

Choose suitable runners, stake correctly, and we can lay every runner if necessary without getting into difficulties.
Hit a loser at any point, or even hit all winners with our accumulator, and we can take advantage of the bookie offer.
With a little practice, there should be nothing to fear from trading accumulator refund offers if we stake correctly.

Bookie accumulator refund and bonus trades are just the same as bookie refund trades of a single runner :-

We may have a small loss from trading our qualifying bet or bets.

Whatever the bookie offer, we expect to recover any “Qualifier” loss and show a profit on top when we get the refund or bonus payment.

If the terms of an offer make it impossible for us to lay runners or teams with time between events, we will need to trade runners that all kick off at the same time, and trade them all at once, “In Play”.
That kind of trade involves some risk.
A Dutching spreadsheet is also supplied to show the staking for that and is described in the videos below.

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Video 1 demonstrates the 2 spreadsheets in my “Lay an Accumulator” Excel file.

How to lay various different bookie accumulator refund offers – – uses the Profit Target sheet.

Video 3 describes the Dutching sheet again (an earlier version), but demonstrates laying a treble at about 5 minutes onwards.

Video 4 describes 5 of my trades and shows the stakes in my account.
Note that Dortmund only scored one goal, not 2 . . . . a mistake in my commentary.

Video 5. Live trade. Bet 3 football teams in a treble and lay them In Play in Betfair.

This video shows how to use the Dutching spreadsheet to work out the lay stakes during the trade.
Although the profit from this trade was small, this is a good demo of how to tackle this kind of trade.
The video demonstrates several aspects of what to expect from betting and laying an accumulator with games all kicking off at the same time :-

1. We don’t always need to lay every team.
2. We can also get away with laying just 2 of the 3 teams.
3. If goals go in our favour, we can show a profit if we hit all winners, or any combination of losers.