Monthly or Weekly Percentage Refund of Losses. . . . . . Zero Risk




Typical bookie offer :- “Opt in for a 20% refund of monthly or 10% of weekly losses.”
We can trade to specifically take advantage of this type of refund.
The strategy is a straightforward bet with the bookie and a lay of the same selection in Betfair.
Horse racing markets work best.
Find suitable odds and we can have guaranteed profit from this kind of offer :-

It doesn’t matter if our bet odds are a bit smaller than our lay odds.
We can bet low and lay high and still trade to profit.

Our first bet and lay trade :-
It doesn’t matter if we hit a winner or a loser, we have profit.

2 or more bet and lay trades :-
If we hit one or more losers, our refund amount builds up with the bookie.

If we hit a winner, our losses with the bookie could be wiped out and our refund eliminated BUT :-

It doesn’t matter if we hit a winner and wipe out our bookie losses, we still have profit.
If we hit one or more losers and then a winner, the refund amount that we have built up so far with the bookie is not lost.

The refund amount becomes part of the profit on the win side of our trade when we hit a winner.

How the staking works for each individual bet and lay trade :-
Hit a loser, and our successful lay stake (less commission) is smaller than our losing bet with the bookie.
However, the refund amount given by the bookie added to the lay, puts our trade into profit.
Hit a winner, and our bet winnings are bigger than our lay liabilities.

Due to the small percentage of these refunds, profits from an individual trade won’t be big.
Quite often this kind of offer lasts for several months, so the potential for modest but on-going profit is there.