Lose Only Refund / No Lose Bet Spreadsheet




Typical bookie offer :- “Place a bet on xxx and if your bet loses, we will refund your losing bet stake.”

This kind of offer pays very well.

The offer may be to refund only a percentage of your bet stake . . . . .a 2nd spreadsheet is included to cover that.
The strategy is a straightforward bet with the bookie and a lay of the same selection in Betfair.

Even if the refund is in the form of a free bet rather than a cash refund, we can trade the free bet afterwards in the normal way and usually still come out in front, so these offers are always worth doing.
If we hit a winner, our bet winnings will be bigger than our lay liabilities for a profit on the trade.

If we hit a loser, we have a successful lay in Betfair, and zero loss with the bookie as our bet stake is refunded for a profit on the trade..

Big odds pay best.