Dutching to Break Even – Lay Version




Looking to profit from laying outsiders but worried about the HUGE liabilities ?

  • Try Dutching to Break Even on some runners.
  • Set a max stakes limit.
  • If you don’t hit the winner, all your lays will be successful and that will be your profit.
  • Hit the winner with a lay on a big priced outsider, and your liabilities need not be massive.
  • Successful “Break Even” lays on other runners will greatly reduce your liabilities on Big priced runners.

In the 3 videos below, 2 spreadsheets are described, one for laying and another for betting.

  1. Demonstrates inputs and how the Lay spreadsheet works.
  2. An example of Lay Dutching several runners in Betfair.
    Our liabilities on big priced runners are greatly reduced by other lays.
    Our profit from hitting a big priced loser remains unaltered.
    In this 2nd video, the winner of the race started from stall No. 2 but laying in other races at Lingfield using the system shown is not recommended as a winning method.
  3. A betting version of this “Break Even” Dutching spreadsheet.

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