Lay a Union Jack




The Union Jack is another very popular combination bet, at least with bookmakers.
This comprises 9 selections in 8 trebles.

9 runners, are set out in a 3 by 3 grid.
A, B, C
D, E, F
G, H, I
The trebles covered are 3 horizontally, 3 vertically and 2 diagonally.

With 9 selections, there are a possible 84 treble combinations, but a Union Jack covers only 8 of them, leaving the punter with less than a 1 in 10 chance of hitting a winning treble combination.
As a layer we can take advantage of this by laying those 8 trebles from 9 selections, just as bookies do.
It is possible to hit 6 winners with no payout.
An example of 6 winners with no payout is shown in bold above.
There will be other combinations.

These are the combination bets for your 9 selections A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, and I that comprise a Union Jack :-

Some selections appear in trebles more often than others.
For instance, the first runner A appears at the start of 3 trebles so carries 3 initial stakes, whilst E appears in 4 separate trebles.
If runners E loses, half of all the bets fail, so when you Lay a Union Jack, be sure to make runner E a banker Lay.

This Lay Union Jack spreadsheet calculates instantly the stakes required to Lay each runner in sequence.
The only inputs required are the amount of your basic stake, which can be less than £2 and the odds of your selections.
A unit stake of 70p would be sufficient to start your Union Jack with an initial Lay of £2.10.

As your Lay Union Jack progresses, the spreadsheet shows

  • The stake required for each runner A, to i
  • Your profit from successful Lays so far
  • The payout on any winners.
  • The combined profit or loss on losers or winners so far..

This spreadsheet can be used to Bet or Lay a Union Jack..