Be a Bookie




Lay the whole field, or just a few runners.
This spreadsheet allows you to be the bookie.
The spreadsheet shows the stakes required to Lay from one to 25 selections for an equal payout, no-matter what the outcome of the race.

Laying, is of course, the total opposite of Betting.
If you place several Bets in a race, your liabilities will increase with each Bet, and as each Bet is added, your potential profit will decrease due to losing Bets.
If you don’t hit the winner, you could end up “Skint”.

If you are the bookie however, the opposite applies.
As you lay more selections, your liabilities reduce due to successful Lays on losers, so each additional Lay reduces your payout.
If you don’t Lay the winner, you could end up the opposite of “Skint” – you will clean up, with every Bet you Layed being a winner for you.
To sum up, as you Lay more runners your liabilities become less, and the more you stand to make on a “Skinner” – any horse you haven’t Layed.

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  1. Video 1 demonstrates inputs and how the spreadsheet works.
  2. Lay several runners in a horse race, adjusting the stakes for almost an even money situation, even though we don’t expect to hit the winner with the horses that we have layed.
  3. Use the Adjust feature to favour one outcome over all the others.
    Dutch Match Odds in a football match to Lay the Draw and then Lay the 2 teams after a goal is scored.
  4. Trade across more than one market. Lay the Draw in football markets with insurance against a Nil – Nil result.