Lay or Bet a Yankee




This Excel file contains 2 spreadsheets.
One spreadsheet shows the staking required for Laying a Yankee one runner at a time, and another for Betting a Yankee one runner at a time.
Commission deductions are built into the calculations.
These spreadsheets are designed for use in an exchange such as Betfair, but commission in the spreadsheet can be set to zero so that the betting sheet can also be used for betting one selection at a time with a bookie, or bookies if required.

The idea is to lay or bet your selections one at a time so that you know the result of one event before the next starts or kicks off.
The spreadsheets can be used to bet or lay any sport or a combination of different sports.
As we are betting or laying one selection at a time, the bets or lays can be spread over any timescale, all on the same day, one per day perhaps, or even one per week etc.
The write-up below describes the Laying spreadsheet.

The bets your bookie loves to Lay can also be Layed on Betfair or any other exchange.
Multiple bets are the bread and butter of being a bookie.
Bookies like nothing better than Yankee and other combination bets.
Some major bookies are so keen to accept these bets that they even offer bonuses to encourage punters to bet using a Yankee, Canadian, Heinz, Union Jack etc.
Now is your chance to follow their example, and Lay as many Yankees or Union Jacks as you like on Betfair or any other betting exchange.
You select the horses, golfers, football teams etc. to lose.
Your selections will be Layed one at a time, so can be in any market, and can be spread over any time scale.

As you know, a Yankee is 4 selections combined in 11 bets consisting of 6 doubles, 4 trebles and one 4 timer.
If just one of the 4 selections loses, 7 bets fail, leaving just 3 doubles and a treble.
Unlike a bookie, if you Lay a Yankee on Betfair using this spreadsheet, you don’t have to Lay the whole 11 bets.
This offers the opportunity to take advantage of 7 successful Lays from one loser.

For example.
You place your first Lay, and the selection loses.
You are 7 points up.
You could trouser the winnings, and start afresh with a second Yankee.
If your 2nd Lay loses, you are 14 points up from just 2 losers.
A bookie cannot do that.
He can only gain 11 stakes from all 4 losers in a Yankee since he has to see out the whole bet.

3 Doubles and a Treble.
You may be concerned that sooner or later a few consecutive winners will come along and the high liabilities involved may take you beyond your comfort zone.
To avoid this scenario, the Lay Yankee spreadsheet above can be used to Lay 3 Doubles and a Treble, rather than the whole Yankee.
Simply input runner A as a loser, and the spreadsheet then covers only runners B, C, and D leaving you with just 3 Doubles and a Treble.

Again, your first runner carries most stakes.
In this case, your first runner starts 2 doubles and a treble.
If your first runner loses, you could pocket 3 stakes and start from scratch again.

Laying Yankees works for bookies, so why not for you?
Why not choose 4 horses today TO LOSE and see what happens?