4 Variations of Hedging




Bet high and Lay low is the golden rule of hedging for a guaranteed win/win situation.
One of the basic strategies of trading on Betfair is to bet and lay (Hedge) a single runner as the odds increase or decrease.
A Hedge can be successful on any movement of the odds, up or down.
Odds increasing or odds decreasing dictate the order of Hedge transactions.

In a rising market (odds increasing) Lay first – Bet 2nd
In a falling market (odds decreasing) Bet first – Lay 2nd
A Hedge can secure a guaranteed profit, no-matter what the outcome of the race/event.

There are 4 separate Hedging Excel spreadsheets available here.
1. Hedge a single Bet or Lay on one runner.
2. Hedge a series of Bets and/or Lays on one runner.
3. Hedge a series of Bets and/or Lays on more than one runner.
4. Hedge your Bookie Bets. There is no need to anticipate a market move if you make these trades.

1. You may be able to place a single Bet or Lay to Green Up for a guaranteed profit on your single Bet or Lay, no-matter where your horse finishes in the race, win or lose.

2. Alternatively, you may decide go along with the market move by placing a series of Bets or Lays on a runner, with the intention of Greening Up by equalizing your trade closer to the starting time of the race.
You could equalize all your trades on that one runner with a single Bet or Lay for an equal profit or loss whatever the result, win or lose.

3. You could place one or more Bets and Lays on more than one runner, and later equalize your trades by placing single bets or lays on each runner, for an equal profit or loss whatever the result, win or lose.
Note that.
These Hedging spreadsheets show the stakes required for a range of different odds, thus eliminating the need to re-input the odds if there is a market move whilst you are trading.

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4. Hedge using 2 different markets, a Bookie and Betfair, and you don’t need to anticipate movement of the odds.
Mostly, bookie’s odds are slightly shorter than Betfair odds, but as markets fluctuate, bookies are not always quick to respond.
Where bookie odds are bigger, you may be able to trade to a guaranteed profit, without having to anticipate which way the odds are likely to move …….. The odds have already shortened.

A drawback of this strategy is that if your selection loses, you have commission to pay on your successful Lay.
Overcome that problem with this Hedge Your Bookie Bets spreadsheet.
This spreadsheet shows the stakes required to trade a Bookie Bet and Betfair Lay to an equal profit whatever the outcome, including commission on the Lay side of your trade.