Dutching (Laying) to a Liability Target




This Dutching method offers total control of your liabilities whilst you lay up to 25 runners.
Use this spreadsheet to lay up to 25 runners for a liability of your choice if you hit a winner.

  • Dutching to a Liability target.
  • The stake on each runner increases as more runners are Layed.
    The total stake (your “Skinner” amount if you don’t hit the winner) increases as more runners are added.
  • Desired liability remains constant.

This Lay staking method may be suitable for use with a staking plan.

  • Lay big odds for small liabilities if you choose.
  • Limit the amount you lose if you Lay the winner – in any sport.
  • As you lay more runners, your liability remains at the level of your choice.
  • As you lay more runners, your Total Stakes increase.
    If you don’t hit the winner with your lays, all your lays are successful and you clean up with profit equal to the total of all your lay stakes.

A problem with this method of Lay Dutching is that the odds of all your selections need to be put into the spreadsheet before you start to place your lays.
If you alter any of the odds or you add another runner, ALL the stakes will change in order to maintain your liabilities at your chosen level.

How to Lay several runners at once on Betfair.

  • Click the Lay odds on Betfair and input your stake as usual, but don’t hit “Submit”.
  • Do the same for all your selections until you have all your lays with stakes on show.
  • Once you are satisfied with your staking, hit “Submit,” and “Confirm” your Lays.
  • All your lays will be submitted together in one go.