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Betfair has an Each Way market, but a bet in the Win market and a bet in the Place market can also be used to bet any horse Each Way of course.
The Betfair Each Way market odds may not always keep in step with the Win and Place odds for some runners.
As the odds fluctuate, betting Win & Place may pay better or worse than betting Each Way.
Video 2 below demonstrates a comparison of the 2 options.
The spreadsheet described here shows the staking required for betting one or more runners in both Win & Place markets if required.
Commission across both markets combined is built into profit and loss shown in the spreadsheet.
The spreadsheet allows for 15 win bets, and 10 place bets using the balanced staking of Dutching.
Those can be the same runners, or different runners in the 2 markets.
In the spreadsheet, bet stakes can be set to different levels in the 2 markets.
If you bet several runners in a Place market, profit and loss is shown for up to 4 placed horses.
You will need to check the Betfair market for the number of places involved in your chosen Place Market.

For those who look to bet Each Way by placing a bet in the Win market and a bet in the Place market :-
A small spreadsheet is also provided to work out the potential profit from a bet in the Each Way market in Betfair after commission deductions.
That allows a comparison to be made to see which staking method pays best after commission deductions, 2 separate bets, or a single bet in the Each Way market.

You may also find other uses for this Bet Win, Bet Place spreadsheet.
Input odds for several runners.
Change the stake sizes in the 2 markets to see the effect on profit & loss across the 2 markets for all possible combinations of Win & Place results.

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  • Video 1 describes the spreadsheet.
  • Video 2 demonstrates how betting Win and Place at the available odds may pay better than betting in the Each Way market for some runners.
    Unlike football markets, the odds in Betfair’s horse racing markets may not be totally in time with one another. This video demonstrates that.
    I expect that the Betfair Each Way odds are the mid point between bet and lay odds of the combined Win & Place markets.
    Look at those early – – well before Race Time when there are gaps between bet an lay odds in those 2 markets, and there may be a substantial difference between the returns from 2 separate bets in Win & Place markets, and a bet in the Each Way market.
    Also a trade of 4 horses in the Win & Place markets is demonstrated.