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How to manipulate Betting Exchange odds.

How to BET with BIGGER odds than you ever thought possible.
Choose your own Target Bet odds for your bet, using a spreadsheet of course to show the staking.

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Looking for an alternative to Bookie Odds, Best Odds Guarantee, Blue & Pink odds, & BSP ?
This web page is all about ODDS.
What you read here is not about Winners & losers, Stakes & Liability, or Profit & Loss...............Just think about ODDS.

Click on this link to download a Free   100 Ticks Table  Excel spreadsheet.
This video describes the spreadsheet.


The alternative to betting using the conventional methods of Bookie Odds, Best Odds Guarantee, Blue & Pink odds, & BSP, is to TRADE to get your Bet odds.
What you read here is not about betting and laying the same amount at different odds so that you get a "Free Bet" with zero loss if you hit a loser.

This web page is about getting better odds for the normal selections that you bet on.
Perhaps you bet every day, or maybe you only bet once a week or less frequently.
Whatever you are betting on right now, you can get much better odds for those selections if you trade to get your bet odds, rather than betting with a bookie or betting at the odds that you see in an exchange.
Trade, and you can choose your own bet odds.

If you trade to get your bet odds, you choose the stake size, and you choose the odds for that stake.
Decide on a Bet Stake.  Choose your odds........  Trade so that you bet at those chosen odds with your Bet Stake.
I expect that you will be an experienced betting exchange customer, so most of what you see here in videos will be very familiar.

Today's date as I type this is Feb 7th 2021.
According to Wikipedia, Betfair first appeared in 2000.........About 20 years ago.
Someone somewhere must already know about what is on offer here, but search Google & YouTube for these or anything similar:-

  • Manipulate bet odds,

  • Get bigger odds,

  • Beat BSP

  • Big odds", etc. 

and probably the best that you can find will be advice about how to beat BSP  ( Betfair Starting Price in horse races ) by a few ticks.
That's about as good as it gets.
That is about to change, starting here.........
You saw it here first.

You can be in charge of your own bet odds in ANY betting exchange market.
From now on, you can choose the odds for your bet, and bet "your normal selections" at those odds.
It doesn't matter what odds a bookie or an exchange is offering, you can bet with BIGGER odds.
The important thing is . . . . . . . You can choose your own bet odds.

Note that whatever the odds of your bet, you will still need to hit winners to make your bets pay.
A loser even at BIGGER odds
is still a loser.
In my opinion, all trades within a betting exchange carry risk.
This trading strategy is not risk free.
If the odds move against you whilst you are setting up your bet, you can have a red trade.
Please stake sensibly.

There is no point in wasting your time with more of a write up.
Just watch a video or two........

Copyright notice.  In the videos below, Betfair content shown is for demonstration purposes only, and is presented with the kind permission of The Sporting Exchange Limited.  The Sporting Exchange Limited.

The intention of the videos below is to demonstrate what we can do with our Bet Odds.
Stakes and liabilities are not shown or discussed so that you are not distracted by them.
Just concentrate on the ODDS.
ODDS are what this web page is all about, not stakes, liabilities, winners & losers, or profit & loss.
Just watch what happens to The Odds.
If the videos are not on the Playlist Screen here, follow these individual links.

Videos 2 & 3 show 10 bet trades.  My Bet odds beat BSP every time, 10 out of 10.
Note that I traded another race, but unfortunately, I missed the result, so I cannot show BSP for that 11th race.


To get the spreadsheet that I was using during my trades in those videos . . . . . PAYMENT.

Get bigger BET odds spreadsheet       30
Use this spreadsheet to trade for TARGET BET ODDS in a betting exchange.

The spreadsheet is not shown in the Live Trade videos above, but this spreadsheet is what I was using to show me the stake sizes that I needed for my trades in those videos.
if you get the spreadsheet, you might open up the file, watch the videos, and trade along using your spreadsheet so that you can see exactly what I was doing.

After payment via PayPal, select the "Return to merchant" option on the PayPal screen.
PayPal should then route you to a download web page where you can obtain the Excel spreadsheet file.

Any problems with making the purchase, just e-mail me please using this  Contact  link.
Thank you very much for your interest in getting better odds, and good luck with your trades.




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E-mail addresses or any other information that is forwarded will not be passed to 3rd parties.

These trades carry risk.
It is up to each individual to decide whether to enter into these trades or not.
The vendor cannot be held responsible in any way for losing trades whilst using the spreadsheets described..
Efforts have been made here to explain the problems involved.

Copyright H. Hutchinson 2021 All rights reserved
Copying text or any other kind of content from a web site is a criminal offence.

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